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Press release: Purdue Board of Trustees ignores faculty vote in ordering civics literacy graduation requirement

Contact:  Alice Pawley, [email protected], 765-427-0923 Noor Borbieva, [email protected],  518-545-9088 David Detmer, [email protected]  Date: June 11, 2021 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE WEST LAFAYETTE, IN – On Friday, the Purdue University Board of Trustees voted to adopt an undergraduate civics literacy graduation requirement for the Purdue University system starting in Fall 2021, over the objections of the Purdue […]

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[Resources] AAUP-Purdue pushes back on Board of Trustees’ latest overreach

AAUP-Purdue chapter members and other faculty across the Purdue system organized faculty to push back on the Board of Trustees’ decision to adopt an undergraduate civics literacy graduation requirement systemwide over the objections of the University Senate, and without consulting the faculty Senates of Purdue-Northwest and Purdue-Fort Wayne, or the governing body of the Purdue […]


Join Purdue faculty pushing back on BOT’s civics literacy graduation requirement without shared governance

The Purdue Board of Trustees has announced that it is going to vote to adopt a civics literacy graduation requirement at its June 2021 meeting.  The requirement, as written about in Purdue News, will include all West Lafayette undergraduate students: passing an exam, which they can take as many times as they like, (which is being […]