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Need help from Committee A?

Do you have a question or concern about a Purdue policy or its application related to academic freedom or tenure?  We can help.
One of the invisible but most important AAUP chapter activities has been Committee AAt the national level, Committee A is tasked with protecting academic freedom and tenure.  At the local level, in situations where Purdue faculty members feel they have been poorly treated by Purdue administration, or otherwise have a grievance with the administration’s following of process or policy, AAUP can help make sure that faculty members’ procedural rights are protected.  

Committee A members can come with faculty members in meetings or formal hearings with the administration as independent observers and note-takers to make sure faculty rights are not being ignored.  Committee A members strive not to take a position on the substance of the charge, but inform faculty members of their rights, and help protect those rights.

Committee A has played an extraordinary role in protecting faculty rights over the years, even while membership in our chapter was low or even dormant. Its work is one of the “unsung” contributions AAUP makes to the life of the university.

If you need help from Committee A, even if you are not an AAUP member, please contact us.  Please be sure not to put any confidential information in your email, especially if you are using your account.  We will direct you to the chair of Committee A, who will set up a time to meet with you confidentially.