Thank you for your interest in joining our chapter! Your joining shows your commitment to strong shared governance, the importance of protecting academic freedom, and the willingness to work together to improve working conditions for academic workers on campus.

Your membership brings with it affiliation with the American Federation of Teachers which is the second largest teachers’ union in the US, and the largest group representing workers in higher education in the US. You can read more about the joint membership and benefits for AAUP members here.

According to our bylawsmembers must join the national organization (which you can do here), and must pay required conference dues (but we don’t have any in our conference) and chapter dues (which you can do below). The secretary/treasurer collects dues annually in September.

Dues are based on a modified version of AAUP’s membership bands based on annual salary.

1. Pay your national dues (required to be part of the chapter).

You must join AAUP national before you pay chapter dues.  You may join here. You can choose to have your membership not be recurring (i.e. recurring is default but changeable).

2. Pay your chapter dues

Although joining the national AAUP organization is expensive, none of that money comes to our chapter except through grants we apply for from the state conference.  In order to support our local activities, we decided in 2019 to levy chapter dues.

Thank you for joining our chapter!

AAUP membership band based on salary

Optional: Make a donation

If you would like to make an additional donation to our chapter, you can do so below.  These are not yet considered tax-deductible. Thank you!

Optional: buy a chapter t-shirt