Changing 2022-24 Executive Committee

Following on VP Lisa Lambert Snodgrass’s email from earlier in November: Leigh Raymond has officially resigned as chapter president as of November 22, and the Executive Committee (EC) has reluctantly accepted his resignation. Speaking for the EC, I know we are grateful for his hard work over the last 6 months, and that the chapter is on a good path forward this year.  We look forward to his continued involvement in the shared governance working group as he is able to. 

On the subject of resignations, the bylaws say this: 

“When an officer has resigned or is disqualified, the office shall be filled by a special election of the chapter, which shall be held as promptly as is feasible. The executive committee is empowered to fill vacancies in any elective office until a special election is held. The person so elected shall hold office for the remainder of the term.”

As suggested by Leigh, I have accepted to serve as interim president temporarily.  Stephanie Masta (former secretary/treasurer) is willing to serve as president starting in May, and then completing Leigh’s term.

The EC has agreed informally to this plan and we will have a formal vote at our next EC meeting on Dec 12.  I am grateful for Stephanie’s willingness to step in in less than ideal circumstances.

Pending the EC’s formal approval, we will set up an electronic vote for the chapter weigh in on this new arrangement.  We will release this Dec 12 or thereabouts for your vote, which will be needed by the end of the semester.

— Alice Pawley

A version of this information was emailed to the chapter on 11/29/22.