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Statement in response to white supremacist flyers posted to Purdue’s campus

At the chapter meeting tonight, members voted unanimously to pass the following statement regarding the recently flyers posted on Purdue’s campus.


In the 72 hours after a virulent anti-semite killed 11 Jews at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, white nationalists and white supremacists posted flyers on the Purdue campus.  Similar leafleting of white supremacist flyers on campus in the past has drawn little comment by the administration, except for those prompted from duress applied by the Purdue community. 

Purdue AAUP condemns the appearance of these flyers.  In the wake of the tragic Pittsburgh murders, and other acts of racial violence, we recognize that these white supremacist flyers are intended to frighten members of the Purdue community, especially Jews, but also including Muslims, people of color, women, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ people, all of whom have been victims of discrimination and violence by white supremacists.

We resist these words and images and are motivated to work even harder to overcome white supremacy, and to educate our students on the ways in which white supremacists use these messages to try to frighten and demobilize those who are committed to social justice. We are not cowed by these messages of hate, and we stand with those targeted on our campus, and in this country.

We call on President Daniels and other Purdue leaders to join us in explicitly and publicly condemning these flyers, and strive to hold accountable those people who posted them in the first place. It is critical that university leaders speak out against messages of hate and white supremacy, and act to hold accountable the people who make such threats and made our campus less safe.

Passed unanimously, November 1, 2018

PDF available here.